About Us

A Beacon of Hope:

In 2004, a category 5 cyclone known as Cyclone Heta unleashed its unrelenting force on Niue Island. The local vegetation around the island was severely devastated from this event and completely transformed the landscape. Furthermore, many vanilla plantations sustained significant damages and the process of recovering from Cyclone Heta was diminishing for many local farmers. This created a general loss of hope that caused a nation wide effect of local farmers choosing to not invest in vanilla farming. With a selective few that persevered with vanilla farming, a single local farmer approached the future founder of NIUE Vanilla International (NVI), to assist in buying vanilla pods. It is from this particular moment that encouraged the remaining vanilla farmers to consider selling their vanilla produces to the same person. This is where NVI first began to take shape before the brand NIUE Vanilla Organic was established and before any commercialised products were made.

In an effort to continue helping these local vanilla farmers and to provide their families with a sense of hope for the local vanilla industry. NIUE Vanilla International will strive to work together in partnership with all stakeholders, encouraging all local vanilla farmers to progressively revive the Niue Vanilla Industry and generate a reliable flow of income to the country and its people.


 A Pathway to Prosperity:

NIUE Vanilla International will strive to proactively promote premium vanilla in Niue and Niue Island as a potential tourist destination in the South Pacific. NVI believes that this approach will lead the industry into prosperity and will contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Niue. As a tourism experience, NVI currently offers a vanilla tour for tourist’s who seek a good break from all the swimming that you will be doing in Niue’s waters. Find out more on our Vanilla Tours and book today.

If you are a frequent or seasonal traveler, NVI welcomes all visitors who are interested to experience what “The Rock of Polynesia” has to offer. To touch up on a quick geography note. Niue Island is a raised coral atoll resulting in a nation made of rock and stone, hence the unique name. With the exception of the islander descendant celebrity Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.