The Niue Vanilla Industry:

NIUE Vanilla International provides cooperative assistance to 60 local vanilla farmers to produce premium quality vanilla beans for the international market. Local farmers cultivate and manage their own individual family plots while maintaining consistent organic practices and standards.
Under the guidance of Niue Island Organic Farmers Association (NIOFA), 90% of local vanilla growers are registered members. NIOFA ensures that all of BIOGRO’s guidelines and standards are maintained at all times which enables local vanilla farmers to retain an organic approach to vanilla farming.
BIOGRO guidelines and standards are also observed during the harvesting seasons as safety and quality are NVI’s top priorities. NVI’s vanilla pods are cured naturally under an “organic certified facility” where pods are naturally dried in a specific time schedule.
These pods are dried and stored in appropriate patches which strictly complies with BIOGRO guidelines and standards. All premium pods are cured to a desired moisture level content whilst maintaining its natural thickness appeal and flavour richness. NVI can also make adjustments to the specific preferences by any consumer, buyer, chef and end user in terms of the natural curing process. This is the standard that NIUE Vanilla International is establishing in Niue’s Vanilla Industry and the service that the company is offering to the international market.

We Value Fair Trade:

NIUE Vanilla International values fair trade and ethical trading practices that will benefit both the company and the local vanilla farmers. The initial developments of the company was fundamentally created from an act of kindness and empathy towards local vanilla farmers who required assistance.
To find out more on the origin of NIUE Vanilla International, click here. Under the honest and fair leadership of NVI’s founder, the company will always maintain a fair trade composure that ensures local vanilla farmers will stand to benefit alongside the company.
It is also important to note that NIUE Vanilla Organic has been accepted into the Trade Aid Retailers of New Zealand. Trade Aid is a non for profit organisation that was created on a social cause to provide trade justice to poor and developing communities around the world. This new development highlights the genuine fair trade aspect of NIUE Vanilla International and the company’s organisational mission to help make Niue a prosperous nation and provide a source of income to local vanilla farmers.


100% Organic Pods, 100% Pure Vanilla, 100% Fair Trade.

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