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NVI Vanilla Tour

Looking for a tour with a bit of aroma?

NVI Vanilla Tour will take you on a journey to discover a world of vanilla cultivation in Niue. This tour package includes a trip around an organic vanilla farm that is operated by Niue Vanilla International (NVI). With over 7000 organic vanilla vines, there is much to unfold as you are guided through the plantation with an insight into NVI’s organisational vision and mission for the Niue Vanilla Industry and its partners.

This exclusive experience will offer a special one-on-one interaction with the NVI managing director who would personally operate the tour as your tour guide. What better way to find out more about the Niue Vanilla Industry than from NVI’s managing director himself. NVI guarantees a unique experience that will enhance your understanding and appreciation for Niue Vanilla and the required dedication to become organic vanilla farmers.


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