Our First Auckland Food Show - NIUE Vanilla Organic

Our First Auckland Food Show

  • By - Mathew Fesili
  • 25 April, 2023

NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) has finally made an official appearance in New Zealand at the Auckland Fine Food Show, hosted at the Auckland ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. NVI has always maintained an active involvement at global food exhibitions, representing Pacific Island business and the Pacific's potential to develop competitive premium brands. Recently we had ventured to Paris and Milan to exhibit and engage with European markets. However, we have not made an official introduction of our brand NIUE Vanilla Organic within New Zealand. In terms of demand, New Zealand is the closest and biggest market for the company from it’s headquarters in Alofi South, NIUE Island. According to our managing director, Stan Kalauni “this is the first of many more exhibitions that NVI will be directly involved within New Zealand”. Before making our way to exhibitions within New Zealand, we had been actively and consistently exhibiting in Australia. Successfully establishing and building brand awareness in several major cities such as Sydney & Melbourne. Therefore the time has never been more appropriate to start the same marketing process in New Zealand where it is closer to home.



Highlight of the event:


Renowned chef and author Robert Oliver hosted a live cooking demonstration using one of NVI’s products as a highlighted ingredient of his dish. This opportunity also granted our managing director, Stan Kalauni to directly address the Auckland Fine Food audience and establish the first steps of cultivating a relationship with the New Zealand market.

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