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Cyclone Heta's Wrath

It was early January of 2004, that a category 5 tropical cyclone Heta came into existence within the South Pacific Ocean. Mustering an unrelenting force of 250km/h wind speeds, Samoa and Tonga were the first two islands to endure the natural disaster.

Out of luck and as a single island standing alone, NIUE Island was the last island to be affected on January 6th 2004.

​Severely devastated from this natural disaster, a complete pathway of destruction transformed the majority of NIUE’s landscape. Local flora and fauna were stripped from the island leaving NIUE completely unrecognizable.


All agricultural industries sustained significant damages and losses, including vanilla farming. The process of recovering from Cyclone Heta for many farmers was incredibly challenging and the vanilla industry came to a halt. This loss of hope was contagious which had prevented countless farmers from successfully reinvesting in vanilla farming. After a few years from this event, an uninvolved local buyer assisted a handful of vanilla farmers in buying vanilla pods. This is how the future founder of NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) started with vanilla and slowly other vanilla farmers who also persevered took notice.

About us

Pathway to Prosperity

In an united effort to continue helping Niuean vanilla farmers and to provide their families with a sense of development for the local vanilla industry. NVI will strive to work together in partnership with all stakeholders, encouraging Niueans to progressively build the NIUE Vanilla Industry and generate a reliable flow of income to the country and its people.

​​Our passion is also aligned with NIUE Tourism to promote NIUE Island as a welcoming tourist destination in the South Pacific. This approach is one of many ways that we can contribute to NIUE Island's tourism and economic industries.


Vanilla Farm Magic

Step into our farm's world with this video. See where our pure vanilla grows and imagine the delicious treats you can make with it. It's nature's gift for all bakers and vanilla lovers!


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