From the pristine shores of NIUE, our NIUE Vanilla Rum represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Crafted in collaboration with Puhoi Organic Distillery (New Zealand), this 2023 limited release exemplifies sustainability, utilizing solar energy in distillation to preserve the purity of our natural resources.

Our rum is an ode to authenticity, enriched with the extraordinary aroma of Niue-grown organic vanilla—renowned as the only vanilla cultivated on our island. Revel in the dark amber allure of this all-natural spirit, achieved without artificial additives or caramel, a testament to our commitment to natural processes. Each bottle is a personal touch of NIUE, containing a hand-placed organic vanilla pod, ensuring a unique vanilla experience. Savour the delicate sweetness of our locally harvested honey, and let the tropical warmth of Niue Vanilla Rum transport you. Presented as a standout in premium Spiced Rums, our rum is already making waves at 2023's major international trade shows.

For a sensory delight, serve it at room temperature, "on the rocks," or enhance your favourite rum cocktails. Alternatively, infuse a drop into strong black tea for an exquisite taste adventure. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Niue, where every sip is an island escape.

Niue Rum

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