A Blend of Limoncello & NIUE Vanilla Organic - NIUE Vanilla Organic

A Blend of Limoncello & NIUE Vanilla Organic

  • By - Mathew Fesili
  • 25 April, 2023

Cheers To A New Beginning!

We have partnered with Sovrano Limoncello to develop an alcoholic liqueur to satisfy your taste buds! Limoncello infused with our premium vanilla is a step forward for NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) and our goal of providing a diversified range of vanilla based products. Ranging from 250ml to 500ml bottles, these highly addictive beverages are only available for purchase at our gift shop at Utuko, NIUE Island. Another great souvenir to take back with you after visiting our paradise. This is a very exciting development for NVI and we are extremely eager to see where we can take this product on an international level. To celebrate the release of this new product, we launched a one off special draw and gifted 5 bottles of Limoncello infused with NIUE vanilla to 5 lucky winners.


Sovrano Limoncello is currently based in Kerikeri New Zealand, and is highly renowned in the country for the quality of its Limoncello. A recipient of many awards, Sovrano Limoncello is owned and operated by a charming couple, Andrea & Marzia Loggia. Their vision to produce the finest Limoncello Liqueur in New Zealand is the right kind of mindset that we can identify with. Combining the best of both worlds, quality Limoncello and premium organic vanilla is bound to draw in many liqueur and vanilla enthusiasts. Mr Loggia told Pacific Periscope at the Auckland Food Show 2018, that “I am so glad we met [with NVI’s manager Stan Kalauni] here last year”. Both companies will continue to attract more followers each year at the Auckland Food Exhibition and by teaming up, it opens an opportunity for greater publicity. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Sovrano Limoncello and the endless opportunities that it will provide to both companies.


Limoncello infused with our premium vanilla can be enjoyed in a glass with ice cubes, glazed with ice cream or used as a mixture for making cocktails. If you have any worthy cocktail recipes that works well with our vanilla infused Limoncello, be sure to share it with us as we would be interested to try it out!



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