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NIUE Vanilla Organic In Trade Aid Stores Now

  • By - Mathew Fesili
  • 25 April, 2023


NIUE Vanilla International (NVI) has established a partnership with Trade Aid New Zealand to introduce NIUE Vanilla Organic into the New Zealand retail market. Trade Aid currently has 30 retail branches around New Zealand and as of late 2016, NIUE Vanilla Organic is now available to be purchased at Trade Aid Retailers. NIUE Vanilla Organic will be the first South Pacific food product to be sold through Trade Aid in 40 years. As stated by Geoff White (CEO of Trade Aid) “When Trade Aid started out we were very heavily involved in the Pacific but over time that’s fallen away a wee bit, we’re really thrilled to be able to finally get some food products back in there from the Pacific” – Dateline Pacific, 2016. Trade Aid also retails one other South Pacific product – wearable sea shell accessories from Kiribati.


A few Trade Aid Retail locations to mention:

  • Trade Aid Sylvia Park Shopping Centre - 286 Mount Wellington Highway, Auckland

  • Trade Aid Hamilton (Kirikiriroa) - 4/19 Worley Place, Central, Hamilton

  • Trade Aid Ponsonby - 172 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, Auckland

  • Trade Aid Whangārei - Cnr Vine Street and The Strand Shopping Centre, Whangarei

  • Trade Aid Havelock North - 11 Napier Road, Havelock North

  • Trade Aid Palmerston North - 25 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North

  • Trade Aid NorthWest Marketplace - Northwest Shopping Centre Maki Street, NorthWest, Auckland

  • Trade Aid New Plymouth - 82 Devon Street East, New Plymouth -

  • Trade Aid Wellington - Technology One House Ground floor/82B Victoria Street, Wellington Central, Wellington

and many more… (Visit Trade Aid for more retail locations).


A promotional plan was conducted to effectively introduce NIUE Vanilla Organic into the current Trade Aid market. The following statements are taken directly from the promotional document and it provides partial insight into several strategic plans and objectives.


Individual Performance:


Trade Aid currently has the organisational capability and knowledge to promote other cosmetic and hygienic vanilla products, however, NIUE Vanilla Organic is the first of its kind as a vanilla based food product to reach Trade Aid’s retail market. Having stated this, the company is naturally expected to have little to no prior familiarity as to what signifies vanilla as a general ingredient for cooking and most importantly how to promote it. The presentation delivered at the executive meeting at Gateway Hotel was implemented to generally introduce the new ranges of NIUE Vanilla Organic to all shop managers and educate them on the best attributes of this product. As mentioned before, NIUE Vanilla Organic attributes includes its top tier dominance in the entire vanilla species and its hand pollinated factor. The company’s customer base would also be only familiar with what the company has been offering them at the present time. For instance, the majority of customers were carefully observed to have spotted the new product because of its obvious placement in the store. Nevertheless the same majority were deterred from buying the product on reasons for not knowing the uses of cooking vanilla or its high price. This observation significantly highlights the importance of this promotional plan and why it is highly required for this particular product.


Customer Acceptance:


A few loyal customers of Sylvia Park Trade Aid were relatively familiar with the uses of cooking vanilla and were easily convinced of its worth. This development gave significant insight that there is a definite market at Trade Aid regardless of its high price. In a logical sense, Trade Aid’s loyal customers had slowly started gaining customer acceptance with this new product. During the Fine Foods Show Exhibition at Greenlane, Trade Aid was heavily promoted at the NIUE Vanilla International Booth who is the supplier of NIUE Vanilla Organic. Loyal customers of Trade Aid were relatively interested in the organisational partnership between Trade Aid and NIUE Vanilla International and readily accepted the availability of NIUE Vanilla Organic through Trade Aid’s retailers. Achieving customer acceptance is a main goal in this promotional plan which significantly enables a proper introduction of NIUE Vanilla Organic to the market. By having a customer base that shows signs of product acceptance, it will also make the store managers task of promoting this new product relatively easy. Furthermore this helps the process of building the brand identity of the company in the retail industry.

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